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Redbook offers Lift Me Up Cards Breast Wishes
Lift Me Up Cards was featured in the June 2007 edition of Redbook. The magazine put us on their radar. Here’s what they had to say... It’s nice to commemorate life’s big changes: bigger home, bigger job...but bigger boobs? Lift Me Up Cards, $2.95 each, offer greetings for all things elective: liposuction, face-lifts, nose jobs.
For whenever you care enough to send the very breast - um, we mean best. makes mention of Lift Me Up Cards
MSNBC contributor Diane Mapes went in and outside of the cosmetic surgery closet and came up with a great story. I had a great time speaking with her during our interview and was interested to find out what others had to say. Of course, we were included in the
out of the closet portion of the story. Interested in hearing more too...log on to

NBC showed us LOTS of love

Kristi Nelson from the NBC Dallas affiliate did a great story on our cards. So great, it actually aired on over 15 other NBC affiliates across the country (including WPTV in West Palm, KING5 in Seattle, WSLS in Roanoke, VA, and WTVJ in Miami) and on CNBC too. Kristi made my job so easy, and she was absolutely wonderful. To check out the link to her story, please visit

NBC 4 in DC and NBC San Diego pick up on our story
Both stations ran the NBC 5 story on their stations recently and helped "grow" the business a little more. Trust me - we really appreciate NBC`s "support."

Daily Candy says we are Ready for Liftoff
The Miami edition of "Daily Candy" featured us in their March 17th issue, and this is what they had to say... Underwires, padding, water balloons, those rubbery chicken cutlets. You like a lot of support. So when someone you know goes for the “real” deal (Nip/Tuck-style), stand by your friend with Lift Me Up Cards.

The collection of get-well-soon (after plastic surgery) stationery is designed by Florida-born Camie Dunbar. Having searched in vain for encouraging cards to send newly sculpted friends, she decided to fill the void.

The cards cover all the basics: face-lift, lipo, line filling, rhinoplasty, and, of course, boob jobs, as well as general greetings for those who made like the Hokey Pokey and put their whole selves in. With cheeky expressions like “Congratulations on the twins!” and “I thought you needed a lift!,” alongside illustrations of incredibly well-endowed stick figures, they’re sure to bring a smile.
And, of course, augment the healing process.

The Sun-Sentinel says we are on the cutting edge
The Sun-Sentinel says we are a delightful find and on the "cutting edge." The paper goes on to say we are the obvious choice for your friends new breasts and our cards make it easy to say congratulations!

Women’s Wear Daily thinks we are joking.
WWD tells us today. It’s not April 1st anymore at all, so supposedly this company is an actual part of our modern world (referring to Lift Me Up Cards). "We have a greeting card for everyone who has gone under the knife," claims the company’s website. Well... not quite! Maybe they’ll use our contribution! Lifting Up Spirits [WWD, sub only]. Oh contraire, we are for’s just the boobs that are fake.

We were on Playboy Radio with Tara Mack
On October 8, we had a lot of fun playing Play Date with Tara Mack on Playboy Radio. The callers were great, and Tara played along with the plastic surgery theme throughout and promoted our cards for one full hour. Thanks Tara (and Kevin) for a great time. Now, if only I could earn my bunny ears.

Dayna Devon finds us EXTRA funny!
As most of you know by now, Dayna Devon from "Extra" fame had a very public tummy tuck. In her honor, we created a brand new "tummy Tuck" card and sent one to her with a yummy cake from We Take The Cake! She even sent us a Thank You note!
Dear Camie,
Oh my God! I loved your cards, and we almost ate the entire cake in one sitting!!! Thank you so much for your kind note…I really am glad for the feedback. The cards are hilarious.
Thanks again,
Isn’t that cool!

Daily Candy is Sweet on Lift Me Up Cards
The Daily Candy Dallas edition had this to say in their Weekend Guide:
Something Different
What: Local company makes greeting cards to celebrate your latest nip or tuck.
Why: It cuts both ways.
When: Anytime you’re feeling a bit plastic.
Where: Online at sweet!

Miami Herald featured this article about Lift Me Up Cards
October 2, 2006 - Miami Herald featured this article about Lift Me Up Cards

Cosmetic surgery cards are real cutups

Searching for the right greeting card for a buddy’s new breast augmentation? Lift Me Up Cards offers a way to congratulate the special person in your life who has gone under the knife.

Camie Dunbar, a former marketing director for local Clear Channel radio stations, is the creator of the card company and came up with the idea when she had several friends who underwent cosmetic surgery. She made humorous cards, and her friends encouraged her to market them. Cards are made for various procedures.

One card reads: ``Your nose looks great!`` and on the inside: ``You picked a good one.``

She got help with the design from an artist friend, Matt Santamarina, and they kept the design cartoon-like so it wouldn’t appear offensive.

Aspen Hair Salon in Hollywood is one local retailer of the greeting cards, which are also available online at lift


Sun Sentinel Features us in local business section
September 4, 2006 - The South Florida Sun Sentinel featured us in the local business section.
Here's a get-well wish for your illness, accident, nose job?

A South Florida marketing veteran has created the "Lift Me Up" line of plastic surgery greeting cards. Designed for patients who've had breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, Botox and vein care.

The idea came in 2005 when four of creator Camie Dunbar's family and friends had work done. Dunbar couldn't find suitable cards, so she jotted messages and sketched stick figures. One card for her breast-enhanced friends said, "Congratulations on the Twins!" A liposuction card read, "I thought we could just sit around and chew the fat …"

Enlisting the help of South Florida graphic designer Matt Santamarina, the cards tread where major card companies fear is taboo, Dunbar said.

They were well received at New York's National Stationery Show in May, Dunbar says, and are available online ( and select retailers for $2.95 a piece. Matching note pads cost $4.95.

Next up: Cards for tummy tucks, hair restoration and gastric bypass. Dunbar realizes there are no guaranteed riches: The greeting-card business has tight margins and cutthroat competition. But with more than 11 million Americans having cosmetic surgery each year, "I'm bound to strike a chord with someone."

-- Jeff Zbar featured us in the local business section.
September 11, 2006 - featured us in the local business section.
Nip and tuck niche
There are greeting cards for pet lovers. Cards for the friend who's getting divorced. For the laid-off co-worker. For the guy coming out of the closet.  Yet there's one niche that entrepreneur Camie Dunbar believes hasn't been filled: greeting cards for pals going under the knife for cosmetic surgery.   The Keller-area resident has introduced Lift Me Up Cards, which offer a lighthearted take on cosmetic enhancements. One card's cover reads, "I thought you needed a Lift!" The inside message says, "But it looks like your plastic surgeon already took care of you." Other cards are aimed at patients who've gotten nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction or vein treatments. Dunbar said the cards are available locally at Sedona Massage Co., The Funky Monkey, and Willow Cottage. You can also buy them at

The Colorado Springs Gazette had readers laughing to bits and pieces

I heard from many Colorado Springs Gazette readers that they could not stop laughing when they read about our cards, well this is what they had to say...
Lift Me Up Cards celebrate new body bits

What’s obvious: Your friend’s new breasts.
What’s not obvious: What you’re supposed to say.
So make it easy - hand her a Lift Me Up Card, a greeting card for anyone who has gone under the knife. The message for a boob job? "Congratulations on the twins!" Inside message: "They make a good addition to the family." Lipo? "I thought we could sit around and chew the fat!" Inside message: "But since you just had liposuction, that’s probably not a good idea." Vanished varicose veins? "You’re so Vein!" Inside message: "You probably think this card is about you."

D Beauty makes us feel beautiful
D Beauty - one of Dallas` best magazines showed us some love with a beautiful spread of our cards and had this to say...
Dallas girl Camie Dunbar saw an opportunity and seized it. With the popularity of cosmetic enhancement in this town, what better way to say “congratulations” than with a greeting card designed specifically for plastic surgery post-op? Lift Me Up cards combine Dunbar’s sense of humor with the artistic creations of Matthew Santamarina, resulting in lighthearted messages such as “Congratulations on the twins!” and “You’re so vein!” Just try not to chuckle too much. Your laugh lines will thank you. $2.95 at

Orlando Style says we are in
Orlando Style did a blurb about the new Injectable Nose Job (talk about less pain) and they mentioned the Lift Me Up "Nose Job" Card as the perfect complement to this latest craze!
A New Year...A New You!

Lift Me Up Cards` Make Plastic Surgery Fun Again features us on their website.

_ Blogged about LMUC
Here’s what they had to say...
Remember our former blog, wherein we talked about the new plastic surgery CosmeTees shirts? Those spiffy, rhinestone-studded Tees announcing your surgical rejuvenation? (My friend Lee makes these BTW). Check out her site at
Well, supposing your best gal pal undergoes some plastic surgery and starts wearing one of those shirts? You gotta admit she’s crying for attention. So what DO you do?
How about sending her a plastic surgery greeting card?
The cards hit breast augmentation pretty hard, but, hey, why not? So many women are having breast enhancement, it has become the nation’s top surgical rejuvenation.
They also feature several of our other cards. Check it out at Interviews LiftMeUpCards

SHE Unlimited Interviews "Lift Me Up Cards" by Camie Dunbar Live by Gary Connolly

Lift Me Up Cards Gives Back
If you are in need of a Lift Me Up Greeting Card, this is the month to buy.
For every card sold during the month of October, Lift Me Up Cards will donate .50 cents to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Even foreigners are on to us
We still have yet to know what the article says, but we can tell by the orders received it must have been good. Switzerland’s Helsingin Sanomat says, "Paljon onnea vaan, silikonit." Maybe that means these vain cards are silly????

They find us Funky
Funky Finds finds Lift Me Up Cards Funky. Find out why here....

GlamNest thinks we are perky
Check out Lifestlye Editor, Erika Lenkert`s comments here.
You will really enjoy her blog too.

Wickedly Chic finds us chic
Camie Dunbar is on to a very good thing. Her company is called Lift Me Up Cards & she provides greeting cards for customers to send to friends who have had “work” done. According to Lift Me Up, there are over 8.5 million women every year who undergo plastic surgery. Who knew? Certainly not me. In fact, I was with a friend last night who just went to her 20th high school reunion & she told me that she was shocked at the amount of women who had met with the knife. Three of the women had complete make-overs. Who knew?
Check out Wickedly Chic for the full story...

Body Philosphy talks to Lift Me Up Cards
Plastic Surgery Greeting Cards
Posted by Alee Gury on Sat, 2007-05-05 19:03.
Greeting cards | Lift me up cards | Plastic Surgery | plastic surgery
"Lift Me Up Cards" is the outrageous new greeting card company that guarantees to say the right words when someone you know goes under the knife.
As reported by the Miami Herald, "Camie Dunbar, a former marketing director for local Clear Channel radio stations, is the creator of the card company and came up with the idea when she had several friends who underwent cosmetic surgery. She made humorous cards, and her friends encouraged her to market them. Cards are made for various procedures."
Based in Dallas, Texas, Dunbar sought out artist friend Matt Santamarina to create graphics for the cards. "He took my vision and just made it work. I wanted to keep the cards cartoon-like to keep from offending anyone," Camie explains. There are congratulatory words for everything from rhinoplasty and liposuction, to breast implants. Cards may be purchased online at the company`s website for $2.95 each plus shipping, or at select retailers.

Pop Chatter chats up Lift Me Up Cards
`Lift Me Up Cards` Make Plastic Surgery Fun Again
"Lift Me Up Cards is hoping to lift the spirits of plastic surgery patients. Founded and created by Camie Dunbar and Matthew Santamarina, the greeting card line offers messages for people to send to congratulate friends and family members on their cosmetic procedures," WWD tells us today. It’s not April 1st anymore at all, so supposedly this company is an actual part of our modern world. "We have a greeting card for everyone who has gone under the knife," claims the company`s website. Well... not quite! Maybe they’ll use our contribution! Lifting Up Spirits [WWD, sub only]

Lift Me Up cards lift up a surgical patient’s spirits features us on their website.

Featured in the Las Olas Forever Young Magazine - May 2007
May 2007 - We were featured in the Las Olas Forever Young Magazine.

The Wag - featured this article about LiftMeUpCards
November 16, 2006 - The Wag - featured this article about LiftMeUpCards
Celebrate Her New Shape!

Have you ever gone in search of a card to congratulate someone for their beautiful face-lift or your best friend for her breast augmentation? You think it would be easy, but it is not. Therefore, the Lift Me Up Plastic Surgery line of cards was created to offer a humorous way to congratulate friends or family members for cosmetically enhancing themselves. The line is a collaboration of Camie Dunbar `s crazy wit and sense of humor, and the artistic creativity of Matthew Santamarina . After doing a good amount of research, I realized the concept was extremely unique, yet the reason for giving such cards is common practice, for cosmetic surgery is performed on over 11.5 million people per year. Therefore, the demand would be great, explains Dunbar, founder and creator. One of the most popular cards states, Congratulations on the twins! on the cover and the inside reads, They make a good addition to the family. Another says, ÒI thought we could sit around and chew the fat on the cover, with the inside message reading, but since you just had liposuction, that’s probably not a good idea. The line was introduced at the National Stationery Show this past May in New York City.
For more information, contact Camie Dunbar at (786) 236-0866 or by e-mail at Visit

Lift our Nation’s spirit and help someone you know. Write HOPE on the back of every envelope you mail. Let’s create 300 million messages of possibility and lift our Nation.

Pink Sparks Logo

Cam Pietralunga

Spotlight On: Camie Dunbar

Posted by Cam Pietralunga on April 14, 2009 at 11:30am View Cam Pietralunga's blog
Learn how this inventive woman entrepreneur launched her successful card business on a shoestring.

Name: Camie Dunbar

Business name: Lift Me Up Cards & Gifts

Company website:

Company email:

Description of your business mission: Our collection of humorous get-well-soon after plastic surgery cards and gifts will surely bring a smile and help to ¿augmentî the healing process. We cover all the basics: face-lifts, liposuction, wrinkles, rhinoplasty, and, of course, boob jobs, as well as general greetings for the whole kit and caboodle. Warning: May cause so much laughter that your stitches may burst.

How long have you been in business? We launched the cards in May 2006 at the National Stationery Show in New York City.

How did you start/fund your company initially? It was more out of sheer need for a card to say congratulations to a few of my friends for having their breasts enhanced and to a certain family member for having lipoÞthese were things we wanted to celebrate and not hide, and I could not find a category specific card in any of your every day card stores. Therefore, I hand drew my own cards, and everyone thought they were hilarious. With nearly 12,000,000 people having some form of plastic surgery each year, I felt this was a niche that was missing. Therefore, I used some of my savings, begged a friend to illustrate them for me, had some cards printed up, and spent a lot of money to be able to launch them at the National Stationery Show.

Do you have any employees or do you use freelance help? If so, can you tell uswhere you found your help? At what point did you know you needed help? I freelance. My illustrator is a friend, and those who are helping me to sell either purchased a card, received a card or just believe in what i have to offer.

What°s the one online marketing activity you feel has worked the best for your business? Generating pr. Find topical subjects that can incorporate what you have to offer and let reporters know about it. The more pr I receive, the better my online activity, especially after linking it to my site.

Are you active on any social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? All of the above and MySpace and Fabulously40 (although I feel like Facebook and Linkedin have become more personal networking for me). However, I started participating in all in hopes of obtaining more sales/recognition.

If so, how do you manage your activity on these sites? For instance, do you interact randomly, when you feel like it or do you have a strategic plan? With two kiddos around, I have to act randomly - kind of stealth. Although, I try to be more strategic withTwitter. I remain very topical in hopes of getting those following me to think about my product in a subliminal way. I pretty much have given up on MySpace because I feel it is a bit raunchy, and I don°t have time to contribute to all

How do you manage to balance family life, personal time and business? If you would have talked to my husband when I was in Corporate America, he would have told you I lived to work, and he worked to live so you might find it hard to believe that now-a-days my kids come first, then me, then the business. It is extremely hard being good at everything, so you need to decide the one thing you want to be best at and then work everything else around it.

Do you have any advice for other women wanting to start their own businesses? If you believe in something, don°t take no for an answer. If I took no for an answer, I would have thrown in the towel 2 years ago. Also, don°t believe sales are going to come flying in the door just because you think you have something different. I was a bit naive here and spent a lot of money to find that out the hard way. If the normal means of selling what you have to offer does not work out, be abnormal and find another way to sell your product. For instance, I spent a lot less money on pr, but got many more results than I did by paying a lot of money to be at an industry sanctioned event.

Celebrity Parents Magazine And now for another kind of "work"'s no secret that everyone today is getting a little work done (if you know what we mean). Camie Dunbar, creator of more...



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