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With the surgical statistics* for plastic surgery increasing each year, it is no wonder there has not been a line created like this before. No matter how you “slice it” the Lift Me Up Cosmetic Surgery line of greeting cards and gifts offers a humorous way to congratulate all those people in your life for cosmetically enhancing themselves. When Camie Dunbar first thought of such a line she never even contemplated having plastic surgery, it was more out of sheer need for a card to say congratulations to her friend for having her boobs enhanced and to a certain family member for having lipo…these were things we wanted to celebrate and not hide. But now that Camie’s breasts are heading south after breast-feeding for two, she may be sending herself a card in the near future.

The words came easy to Camie, but the art did not. She knew she wanted something that added to the humor of the message (after all, these are supposed to be funny y’all) and showcased the assets bestowed, and that’s when she thought of her good friend Matthew Santamarina. His artistic creativity certainly matched her crazy wit and sense of humor.

We all know the anti-aging/anti-gravity revolution is here and everybody wants to look their best, so who better than us to “fill” the niche. With nearly 12 million people having some form of surgery each year, we figured we were going to sell at least one, and thankfully we did!

Since everything is bigger in Texas, Lift Me Up Cards - a privately (and sometimes publicly) held company – calls Dallas its home. We go where no other card company dares to go. So if you are ready to "augment” the healing process with a bit of humor, send them a Lift Me Up Card today. But, be sure to warn your lucky recipient not to bust their stitches from laughing to hard.

*According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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